Oh Crap Another Year Older

So I’m sat here on my terrace drinking my coffee after my morning swim, the sky is a glorious blue not a cloud in site and it’s already 24 degrees.

My thoughts turn to Monday and I reach the ripe young age of 49 and I realize that materialistic wise I possess not much to say I have been around as long as I have, lots of electronic gadgetry a couple of guitars and a huge wardrobe.

But what I have and having spoke to lots of people I realize I have something far more important I have inner peace and a happiness no amount of materialistic goods can make up for.

It’s nine years now since I left the army after being institutionalized for 23 years, it’s been hard lots of lows lots of highs, drifting from job to job, homeless, living in a battered old Transit van, to name just a few of the low points. But I believe that everything happens for a reason. I am lucky I know that I took a chance to start again in the Canary Islands and I’m thankful every day that I did take a chance and for me it’s worked out perfectly.

There’s no moral to this tale I’m just a happy person who enjoys my life and my writing and I’m privileged to live in a beautiful place.

Enjoy your weekend as much as I will.

As for the picture that’s just for fun but you never know 😉


Back on Track

Well after months of struggling and probably throwing more paper away than is used to decorate Buckingham Palace I have finally got my mojo back and writing is a joy again and it’s flowing like a mountain spring.

When will the book be ready?
What’s the book about?

All will be revealed over the coming weeks and hopefully the finished and polished publication will be available by the end of the year.

Stay tuned for regular updates and sneak peeks




Get of Your Ass (Get a Life)

Something a little different from my usual stuff, this was inspired by the many ramblings I see on various social networking sites.



Look outside the rain is still pouring.

Your sat on the sofa moaning and groaning.

TV’s blaring out doom and gloom.

A 1000 channels to choose from but there’s fuck all on.

Pizza is ordered you cant be arsed to cook.

Laptop and phone both pinging for your attention.

Messages and posts from twats that you hate.


Close down the laptop.

Turn off the phone.

Put on your glad rags.

Hit the dance floor.

Drink up your fill and then drink some more.

Get off your ass and get a life.


You work to live not live to work.

50 hours a week for some corporate suits.

Make them rich while they keep you poor.

Step out of line and they’ll fire your ass.

50 Hours a week to make ends meet.

You dream of better but they’ll keep you poor.

Your just a cog in the corporate machine.


Close down the laptop.

Turn off the phone.

Put on your glad rags.

Hit the dance floor.

Drink up your fill and then drink some more.

Get off your ass and get a life.


Throw of the shackles open your eyes.

Life’s to short to say I wish I did that.

Get off your ass.

Grab life by the balls and say I did that.

One chance.

One choice.

Get off your ass and get a life.


Close down the laptop.

Turn off the phone.

Put on your glad rags.

Hit the dance floor.

Drink up your fill and then drink some more.

Get off your ass and get a life.

©Jasmine la Perra 2014



Becareful What You Wish For…………

A Threesome is it really for you?


I would like you to imagine yourself in the following situation Mr & Mrs X you have been together 25 years, married for the last 20 of those and now the children have grown up and flown the nest.

Your very much in love but both agree that your sex life needs spicing up.


This is what happens next……


Mrs X says that she had read somewhere that they should both write an individual list of what they would like to do and or there fantasy’s then compare the list.


Once they have both wrote a wish list they compare them and talk through the lists. Top of both lists is a threesome but there is a few surprises in store as Mr X has wrote down he would like to experience sucking cock, there is various other items on the list including visiting a nudist beach, having sex outdoors and visiting a dogging site.


As the threesome was top of both lists they talk about this as a priority goal, but wait a minute do you want the third person to be male or female? Now this is a topic of heated discussion Mrs X would like it to be a man but so would Mr X a bisexual man preferably. Now she would like to say yes OK lets go for it but she is concerned could she after all these years of living together watch her man sucking on a hard cock and may be getting his ass filled as well.


Well they decide if and when they find some body they both like then it would be worth investigating the idea again but in the meantime look at some of the more achievable items on the lists.


A few months later they land in Gran Canaria for a two week winter break and by chance they stop off for a coffee in a little cafe that I frequent I could see them keep looking at me and talking to each other quietly after a while Mrs X asked if I would like to join them and could they buy me a drink.


So after the usual small talk I then got the full story as outlined above. They said they would like me to be the third person as they explored there fantasy and made it a reality. Never one to shy away from a bit of fun and frolics I of course agreed to meet them later that evening and bring them back to my house and see what would materialise.


Once we were all settled in things moved along nicely Mrs X was having fun playing with my tits and Mr X was nervously stroking me between my legs so after showing her some attention I turned to him to give him a little more and encourage him to do what ever he wanted. Well he was now sucking on me like his life depended on it so we moved around and got into a 69 position as Mrs X wanted to see that, but that was also the tipping point she could see her husband was getting really excited and enjoying himself and the next thing she was crying and sobbing like a mad woman. I literally had to drag him off me as she was scrambling back into her discarded clothing and ran out of the house so I sent him packing to as it was there problem to resolve.


Thinking I would not see or hear from them again I thought nothing more of it, heartless no not really I was just helping them out but it didn’t work the first time. Yes that next day they came by and said they had had a heart to heart and it was all resolved and they would like to take me for a drink that evening.


All is well now as that night I fucked the pair of them and they went home happy, but it could have ended in disaster as it did with another couple who ended up splitting up after trying to use a threesome to strengthen there crumbling relationship.


I don’t do the morale of the story but I will simply say a threesome is not for everybody so think about it……………


Jasmine x






Heaven V Hell

So the following is an account of what happened last Friday the 27th Dec 2013, when three devil dodgers had the pleasure of my company. Now before people start branding me a hater and other things let me just say I am a firm believer that we are all entitled to an opinion wether that be regarding religion, politics, sex, gender or even things like immigration. Our opinions should be formed by making informed choices and decisions, be that from our own research or other sources. Not from what the many different media or fanatical extremists want you or I to believe.


So on with the story, I had walked to San Fernando to do my food shopping it was as usual another nice day the sun was beating down and I decided to stop off at one of my usual cafe’s for a drink before tackling the supermarket. It was very busy and I found one of the last free tables and ordered my drink. Not long after the waiter approached and asked if it was ok to sit three English people with me as he had no spare tables for them and I was by myself. I agreed to his request thinking nothing of it, so this group of two men and one woman arrived and introduced them selves as they took there seats. I should have known things would go down hill rapidly when they said they were from such and such church, as who introduces themselves like that?


So I just said hello I’m Jasmine and I live here in Gran Canaria.

Man 1 said “Oh do I detect a hint of maleness.”

Me “Maybe maybe not thats my business.”

Woman “Your a Transsexual?”

Man 2 “You have destroyed gods creation.”

Me “ Thats your opinion I don’t believe in your god or religion and what I choose to do is right for me so don’t judge what you don’t understand.”


All of them started trying to talk at the same time then as I guess I had lit the fuse paper by being a non believer. So the conversation or discussion continued, they were saying that god had created man in his own image and I had disfigured that and I would spend eternity in hell. To which I replied that if I wanted to believe in some man sitting in the clouds who judged people and decided who went to heaven and who went to hell I may as well believe that unicorns and fairy’s existed. Well that went down badly as I was told that god did exist and had spoken to them telling them to go out into the world and rescue people from there wicked life styles.


So I asked them how old the earth was and got the bible answer of a few thousand years and it was made in 6 days and on the 7th day he rested. So I asked them what they didn’t believe in the facts that science had provided about how long the earth had really been in existence and the evolution of mankind and the creatures that roamed the earth hundreds of thousands of years before there god had made it. No these three were devout believers nothing could shake there resolve from what the bible said.


Well I said I am going in a minute but think about this about 2000 years ago the Romans ruled most of Western Europe and large areas of the Middle East and North Africa. Now to keep these people in line and subdued they needed to come up with something, so the Roman Catholic church was created and they had there educated academics write the bible so they could scare the shit out of the uneducated hordes who were mainly pagan in there beliefs, worshiping the sun and moon and other such objects. This belief system was used to suppress the people and keep them in order. It was for want of a better explanation “the law.” In such we still do this today children go to school and are fed religion especially if it is a religious sponsored church. It can breed extremists and fanatics and lunatics who cling to its every word as if it is life itself.


More people are killed because of religion than any other cause so tell me why I should believe in something that has no physical proof. When I can see what science has proven I can go to the natural history museum or the science museum and see proof of how long the earth has been here and what evolution has done for us.


But god is always on the side of good I was told.


Oh really so in two world wars he was on the British side it had nothing to do with the multitude of commonwealth forces and the Americans joining in both wars to give us a vastly superior number of men and a massive increase in equipment and firepower. Also if we look at Northern Ireland who’s side was he on the Catholic or the Protestant. I’m sorry your arguments don’t stand up to scrutiny time and time again.


When I got the reply I expected that I would suffer for my lifestyle choices and being a non believer, It was time for me to remain polite and excuse myself from the situation. There was no point pushing my side of it any further as much as I could have sat there for hours telling them how I felt about there beloved religion, I would have been wasting my time.


So I paid my bill and left the cafe and hopefully I wont bump into them again as they try to convert the many who live a liberated life style here in Gran Canaria.


Please feel free to comment or leave your own opinion Thank you.




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Swinging in the Sun

Swinging in the Sun

My latest guest blog over on Honour fetish website is now available

Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts ……….. Lingerie.

Ok as the big day approaches and our thoughts turn to presents for loved ones there will undoubtedly be a flurry of activity in the lingerie stores and more so now with internet shopping. As we know guys like to give there partners sexy undies but often struggle with what they should buy and in what size.

So here are a few ideas to overcome that dilemma of a gift being opened and it being either the wrong size, color or totally not to her liking.

I mean it’s ok seeing a size 8 model showing of some delightful lingerie, with her perfect shape and smooth or is it photoshopped skin and complexion. But stop think would that cut that style really flatter or would it be a kick in the teeth for your be loved as she tries to squeeze her self into something that is not flattering but instead makes her feel unhappy and adds another item to that New Years resolution list.

Always know the size you need which can be complicated at times when buying of the internet such as eBay for example do you know that a size 100 in Spain is a 38 in the UK and if it’s from America it’s different again. So use google for size comparison if your not sure what size your partner is and don’t want to ask and give away the game check her closet and see what sizes she is wearing. What color she favors and style does she like.

A good idea believe it or not is to actually talk about what you both like maybe some compromise on both parts maybe needed look at pictures and discuss them hey it may get you more than you bargained for later that day who knows.

But do your homework get the right item in the right size and you may get your extra Christmas present once the turkey has been digested.

Oh and guys if the item has a suspender belt or it has the detachable straps to hold stockings in place treat her to some new stockings as well as it’s probably your fault the ones she has have a run in them.

Finally I hope you all have a sexy and enjoyable Christmas.

Jasmine xx


Internet Dating Has it caused a lack of Respect

A slight change from my usual posts but something I come across most days I am on line


Is a picture like this one to provocative does it say I am easy?

Internet Dating has it caused a lack of respect for each other:

When I was Working as an Escort I expected the type of messages I got from the web users such as:

How much for a Blowjob?
I want to fuck you while your wearing thigh high boots.
Do you do bareback?

And they all got a polite reply telling them I am not a prostitute but an escort and they are paying by the hour for my time. Or other such messages a Big Massive NO to the bareback question for sure, but I always kept it polite as it’s business at the end of the day even if the client was rude and vulgar money is money and as they say needs must (even though I may have wanted to tell them to F**k Off).

On the other side of life though Internet dating seems to me anyway to have destroyed the whole chat up and get to know some one dating from the old days.

I have been single for a while now and had a few relationships over the last 10 years or so all of them started over the internet and in all cases I tried to keep it polite until we both felt comfortable enough with each other to talk about sex and our desires our wants and needs etc.

Now though I have profiles on various sites from “vanilla” sites to “fetish” sites across the spectrum of sexual desires and needs.

What I have seen and been on the receiving end of though is what i can only describe as basic low level gutter introductions that make me think that the sender has no respect for the recipient at all and is thinking of there own base desires usually to get laid such opening lines as:

Your fit fancy a fuck.
I always wanted to shag a ladyboy.
Can I fuck you up the ass.
Nice tits love to cum on them.

Now not one of these type of opening lines will win me over and I don’t know what is going through the mind of the sender but i can hazard a guess……………

OK I am far from a prude and yes I have desires and needs but I have respect for myself and for the person I may have designs on. The lack of respect and the base level of do you want to fuck messages is not just a male thing either I get the same from females.

Maybe I am old school and believe in “get to know you before I get to lay you” but surely there has to be some kind of common ground when looking for a relationship.

That though brings me on to another topic for another day the Internet a breading ground for extra marital affairs or basically cheating and shagging about.

I look forward to your comments and opinions on this from all sides of the sexual and gender spectrum is it the same for the gay & straight guys the lesbian or straight girls. Do I get these kind of messages because I am a Transsexual woman ……………..

Thanks for reading

New Book will be out for Christmas


Well fingers and toes crossed the new book will be available on Kindle ready for Christmas.


Here is a quick extract for you …………


…………..got her up on to her hands and knees and slowly began to play with her cunt with my fingers, one then two then three fingers inside her pumping her. While my other hand gently rubbed at her clit bringing her to the first of many orgasms that night. I let her get her breath back then I lowered my mouth to her bum and gently started to tease the puckered ass hole with my tongue, hearing her gasps and moans of approval then with her juices on my finger as lubricant I slowly inserted one well manicured finger into the depths of her backside. All the time keeping my other hand busy between teasing her nipples and her clit she was in another place now moaning and groaning like a wild beast. She was ready I figured to loose her anal virginity I got behind her now and keeping one finger buried in her ass I eased my cock which was leaking pre cum between her engorged labia and started to gently fuck her. Not happy with my gentle pace she tried to thrust back and forwards on to my cock so I pulled it out of her and eased my finger out of her ass. I gripped her thighs adjusted my position so the head of my cock was resting against the puckered skin of her bum hole. I heard her growl from deep within her throat as she said do it to me. That was all the encouragement I needed and I gently to begin with pushed into her telling her to relax as slowly I inched my way in to her. Accompanied by her moans sounding like a mixture of pain and pleasure I got all the way in then waited giving her body time to adjust to this strange phenomenon of being fucked in the ass. After a few mins she said please fuck me now so I started to gently pull out before pushing back in just a little at a time to begin then my full length would come right to the entrance before ploughing back in she was so tight and I was so aroused I knew I would either cum very quickly or have to pull out and stop to regain my composure but she started to moan louder and shouted for me to cum in her ass so the decision was made for me as I pumped her harder now and then I shouted out I was going to cum before filling her ass with my hot sticky mess. She was rubbing her clit madly at the same time and she reached her climax almost simultaneously. I eased my cock out of her and laid down beside her on the bed, she leant across and kissed me deeply and said that was an amazing experience………………………..

My Guest Blog On Fetish website Honour

My Guest Blog On Fetish website Honour

Hi please check out my guest blog over on the fetish clothing and sex toy site at Honour. Hope you enjoy 🙂